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This page contains notes about my work flow for photos and how photos are classified.

Work Flow

I use ACDSee and Picasa3 to organise and sort the images from our photo collection.

  1. Photos are graded according to the photo ranks below using ACDsee (Pro 6 version) and is then copied to the file meta data using Tools/Embed Meta data.
  2. The original filenames are saved under Iptc.Source.
  3. Files are renamed to yyyy-mm-dd_xxx.jpg
  4. Author, key words and Caption information are entered into the ACDSee database.
  5. ACDsee database data is coped to the IPTC (it also gets copied to EXIF) using the template. 
  6. The additional IPTC fields as required, usually using an ACDsee template.
  7. Keywords are copied from IPTC to the ACDSee database, if any new ones were added.

Exporting to Gallery 2 (Drupal site)

The Gallery 2 package supports watermarks and it's better to manage them there.

  1. Using ACDsee at least rate the photos to be uploaded.
  2. Filter the images to the rate level required and edit as required.
  3. Sort the order if required.
  4. Export to a maximum of 1500px, select copyright notice if desired, and include order in filename. (Gallery also provides this feature and it's a better way to go)
  5. Upload the photos, create an album on Gallery and then import the photos.
  6. Prune the summary of each photo as required.

Exporting for Facebook

Facebook does not have watermarks available so add them using Picasa. ACDsee also has watermarks but Picasa does a better job and it's less work for the user.

  1. Using Picasa star the photos for the website.
  2. Filter to starred photos and edit as required.
  3. Sort the order if required.
  4. Export to a maximum of 1500px, select copyright notice if desired, and include order in filename. (Gallery also provides this feature and it's a better way to go)
  5. Upload the photos, create an album on Gallery and then import the photos.

Meta data is best in the Image

I bought a USB HDD to replace the many CD's and DVD's I use for archiving and copying them along with the information in the database has proved a real problem with ACDsee Pro 6. The application keeps crashing and it has highlighted the importance of keeping data in the image.

So after using labels (as below) once the images are archived the label data is going into the IPTC data as keywords. The same goes for ACDsee's "categories" as shown below.

The keywords: "FaceBook" and "website" will not be added until after uploading to the internet.


ACDSee provides coloured labels and they are great for organising your photos. You can only assign one colour for each image, so for concurrent groupings or meta data another method is needed.

I use the following colours with corresponding meanings.

Label Colour Meaning Keyword
Blue To be uploaded to website and/or Facebook.  Facebook

Has been uploaded to website and Facebook etc too possibly.

(This is important to make sure photos haven't been uploaded twice.



Image/JPG meta data Gallery ACDSee DB Windows Live Gallery and Explorer Facebook Picasa


(words are separated in database)
tags   keywords
Iptc.Application2.ObjectName Title     Description/
Iptc.Caption         caption
Iptc.Creator Artist Author Authors    
Exif.ImageDescription Summary/
Exif.Artist   Author      
Exif.Copyright   year Author      
Note: No standard.
  Stored in ACDSee database. (Can be embedded using Embed Metadata command) Stored with XMP   No ratings, starred only.
Stored in .picasa.ini in image folder.

Photo Ranks

Used to grade photos as per table below:

Rank Criteria Photo use

Bad composition or bad technical errors such as out of focus or over/under exposed, making the image unviewalble.

Errors unrecoverable by software.

Photo is deleted
1 Composition OK but has technical errors. Possibly recoverable with software. Photo kept for archival purposes.
2 Composition good but spoilt by technical errors. May be used for the gallery after editing if no other shots available and subject is needed.
3 Average photo, composition OK and no unrecoverable technical faults. May be used for the gallery after editing.
4 Very good photo, no unrecoverable technical faults. Gallery use
5 Excellent composition and no unrecoverable technical faults. Gallery and print use.

Currently the grade does not appear in the Gallery, although it may sometimes appear in the description. There is no special field for it.


Araluen, Austria, Ballarat, Ballla, Bendigo, Berwick, Britain, Buninyong, Dad, Daylesford, EMRC, Eltham, Elva, Hawthorn, Inverloch, Kilcunda, Kingdom, Korumburra, Kyle, Landing, Maher's, Melbourne, Murra, Sydney, Tasmania, United, UpperBeac, Walhalla, Walkerville, WestCoastRail, Whittlesea, Wiluna, Wonthaggi, abstract, action, aircraft, animal, art, band, bank, beach, bike, birds, birthday, boat, bridge, building, bus, cake, camp, car, castle, children, church, crane, dad, developments, dinosaur, dog, dusk, edited, eltham, emrc, engine, farm, festival, fireworks, fishing, flower, food, fun, garden, girl, history, holiday, house, industry, insect, lake, layout, lego, library, locomotive, machinery, meccano, memorial, miniature, model, monochrome, motor, motorbike, natural, parade, park, party, performers, plane, railway, religious, reptile, restaurant, rural, sail, saucy, scenery, school, sculpture, ship, shops, show, singer, sky, sports, steam, sunset, technical, tennis, toy, tractor, train, tram, truck, van, water, waterfall, wedding, whale, xmas, zoo


These are used by ACDsee but for the site they are merged with the keywords above. The ACDsee photo software we got with the Pentax camera only provided filtering on categories, but with Pro 6 keywords are searchable and preferred, as other software can access them.

Group Sub Group Description Keyword
Camera Effect


An effect provided on my old Ricoh film camera. This function was rarely used as the photo was only masked off top and bottom. Processing was extra for what was effectively an enlargement of a normal photo with the black masked areas cropped off.

It is also used for the wide but low resolution images that are created with smart phones.

No panorama shots have been attempted with the DSLR and Photoshop yet!


Polarising Filter

Polarising filter used (makes the sky darker and reduces glare from water).



Photo has been printed or printTed!



Tagged to appear on the website.



Popular tags

  • 33 photos are tagged with art
  • 29 photos are tagged with beach
  • 21 photos are tagged with bike
  • 17 photos are tagged with bridge
  • 190 photos are tagged with britain
  • 65 photos are tagged with building
  • 26 photos are tagged with car
  • 87 photos are tagged with Connor
  • 21 photos are tagged with fireworks
  • 58 photos are tagged with fun
  • 30 photos are tagged with garden
  • 54 photos are tagged with Glenn
  • 232 photos are tagged with history
  • 117 photos are tagged with holiday
  • 56 photos are tagged with house
  • 101 photos are tagged with Inverloch
  • 103 photos are tagged with karen
  • 105 photos are tagged with kyle
  • 33 photos are tagged with locomotive
  • 37 photos are tagged with meccano
  • 41 photos are tagged with model
  • 42 photos are tagged with natural
  • 18 photos are tagged with park
  • 114 photos are tagged with railway
  • 81 photos are tagged with scenery
  • 17 photos are tagged with sports
  • 43 photos are tagged with steam
  • 26 photos are tagged with truck
  • 23 photos are tagged with Tyrrell
  • 134 photos are tagged with water

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